New hammer series EX!

The Hydraram hammer selection expands even more with the newest EX series!

The Hydraram EX Series basic line hydraulic hammers do what they have to do: “Hit hard without comprimise for an economic price.”

If you are looking for a budget friendly hydraulic hammer with a long lifespan, the Hydraram EX series is the hammer you are looking for.

Benefits of the Hydraram EX Series breakers:

• Sound proofed: Low noise level, ideal for use in urban areas.

• Vibration proofed: Less vibration to the excavator and driver.

• High impact energy: Gets your job done faster.

• Rigid design: Longer lifespan.

• Low Tech: No expensive extras which can break down (and you don’t use).

• Budget friendly: Economic price for the hammer and spare parts.

Contact us to learn more about the right EX hydraulic hammer for you.

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