Fixed pulverizers HFP-Magnet Series

Fixed pulverizers HFP-Magnet Series

The Hydraram HFP-magnet Pulverizer is specially designed  for the secondary demolition of buildings and recycling.

The shape of the jaws of the crusher is designed to pick up and crush concrete as effectively as possible.

The steel cutters in the back of the pulverizer's jaw can cut the existing reinforcement steel easily.

Made from the most durable steel which HARDOX-400® with an extremely high wear resistance, resulting in minimum maintenance and a long lifespan.

More advantages of the HFP-magnet Series concrete crushers:

  • Interchangeable teeth which can be easily replaced. 

  • Made of durable HARDOX-400® steel.

  • Equipped with a rapid flow valve for extremely rapid work cycles.

There are 3 models of fixed pulverizers with integrated magnet from 2.680 up to 4.280 kgs for carriers from 22 ~ 52 tons

Fixed pulverizers HFP-Magnet Series - Specifications

open/close (sec)
22-32 28-38 35-52
2680 3480 4280
810 870 950
260 260 260
350 350 350
200-300 250-350 300-400
2.0/2.7 3.0/3.2 2.8/2.7

Fixed pulverizers HFP-Magnet Series - Downloads

HFP-VM Brochure DE HFP-VM Brochure EN

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