Sheet pile drivers HSPD-Series

Sheet pile drivers HSPD-Series

Hydraulic sheet pile drivers or pile hammers are appropriate for sheet pile driving, as well as the extraction of piling and sheeting.

With different types of clip jaws you can also bury pipe piles, steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, concrete precast piles, wooden piles and photovoltaic piles on water.

More advantages of the Hydraram sheet pile driver:

• Easy to operate, no need to disassemble while transferring sites!

• Silent operation

• Makes operating underwater possible!

• Minimal maintenance and long lifespan

The HSPD-Series features 4 models of sheet pile drivers from 1.700 up to  3.000 kgs for carriers from 18 ~ 65 tons

Sheet pile drivers HSPD-Series - Specifications

max bar
HSPD-1800R HSPD-2200R HSPD-2800R HSPD-3200R
18-25 26-35 36-50 50-65
1700 2100 2500 3000
280 280 300 320
160 180 210 260
210 210 210 210
10 10 10 10

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