Dust Spray Systems HDS-Series

Dust Spray Systems HDS-Series

The new Hydraram HDS-series spray cannons: advanced systems for dust and odour control during a demolition, recycling or manufacturing job.

A  Hydraram spray cannon is an absolute must on any demolition project or recycling site. This machine uses many nozzles to produce a fine mist curtain that binds with dust and odour particles in the air. These bound particles fall on the ground, leaving the air feeling as if it were 'washed'.

Our systems are more effective and durable than traditional systems, because less water is needed and consumed. An employee holding a sprayer is no longer required! The problem with sludge at the site and muddy machinery or vehicles is over. With a cannon you get a better impression on local authorities and environmental agencies. The employees at the site and nearby citizens can enjoy a better working environment because all dust and odour is removed.

The application of our systems are dusty demolition sites, road construction sites, crushing plants, cement plants, steel plants, transfer stations, landfills and much more. The Hydraram HDS-series spray canon can be used where dust and odor should be effectively removed. Dust and odour control may be required by law in the future.

Advantages of the HDS-series spray cannons:

  • Effective and durable
  • Many applications, such as demolition and recycling sites, road construction sites, crushing plants, recycling sites, cement plants, steel factories and more
  • Gives a good impression to the authorities and enforcement bodies
  • May be required at every job in the future

Because each situation is different, every spray cannon can be custom built to fit your needs. There are currently 8 models.

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