Battery Integrated Magnets EMG-Series

Battery Integrated Magnets EMG-Series

The Hydraram EMG electromagnets are ideal for use on cranes, forklifts, mobile cranes and hoists on trucks. Moving heavy iron-magnetic materials, such as demolition scrap, is easy with this powerful electromagnet!

It is provided with long-life acid batteries which makes up the strength of this magnet. At the end of every work cycle, the magnet is recharged by a battery charger inside the magnet body.

Because this attachment does not require AC power supply form the mains or from hydraulic generators, it can be quickly installed to different machines which can carry this type of magnet: overhead/gantry cranes or self-propelled vehicles.

It can be used for a variety of tasks beyond picking up scrap metal from demolition waste since it can move blocks of steel, plates or remove turnings from machine tools!

The electromagnet is equipped with:

  • Remote radio control panel
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery and charger

The magnet can also be equipped with special suspension attachments for gripping directly by the octopus grab, the forks of forklift trucks, and plates for fast couplings to mobile crane booms.

The EMG-Series features 2 models from 550 to 950 kgs.

Battery Integrated Magnets EMG-Series - Specifications

EMG-80 EMG-100
550 950
770 1000
10 12
0.5 0.7
24 24
150 250
3000 5000

Battery Integrated Magnets EMG-Series - Downloads

EMG Brochure DE EMG Brochure EN

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