Pilecracker HPC-Series

Pilecracker HPC-Series

Hydraram pilecrackers can be used for demolish square foundation piles. Building work requires piling for the construction of any modern building. 

The piles are left 1 to 2 metres above ground level and need to be removed leaving the rebar in place.

Our pilecrackers are the perfect solution by precize and quick crushing of these foundation piles. 

The model HPC-500 pilecutter is suitable for piles 320x320 mm up to 500x500 mm. 

The HPC-350 pilecutter is suitable for piles 220x220 mm up to 350x350 mm.

Pilecracker HPC-Series - Specifications

A mm
HPC-350 HPC-500 HPC-600 HPC-900
13-24 16-26 16-26 18-30
1200 1850 1900 2050
Dim. pile 220-350 mm2 Dim. pile 320-500 mm2 Dim. pile 350-600 mm2 Dim. pile 500-900 mm2
300 300 300 300
200 200 200 200

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