Treecutters HTR-Series

Treecutters HTR-Series

The HTR-Series Tree Cutter is a hydraulic attachment designed for felling and deforestation of logs, trees and maintenance of bushes by thinning shrubs of different sizes.

It is created for operating at critical points with difficult access along roadsides, steep slopes and orchards. The HTR also ensures high productivity for subsequent processing steps, like stacking, chipping or grinding of cut material.

Broken or damaged trees can pose a great danger. Up until now, the removal of damaged or diseased trees was a tedious procedure, but now it is easy to remove trees, shrubs and branches with the Hydraram Tree Cutter.

The process of cutting a tree or shrub is simple. The initial clamping phase secures the higher clamp around the stem or trunk. It it possible to adjust the cutter opening based on the diameter of the stem.

The optional central accumulation clamp makes it possible to complete multiple cuts in order to optimize the work cycle. The fork tower increases safety and facilitates log handling and release.

The innovative twin-blade cutting system makes the HTR a special tree cutting tool. The blades are reversible. The double blade, central and upper grapple arms and tower are all made of wear-resistant HARDOX 400 steel.

The HTR tree cutter supplies a strong grip in any condition thanks to the continuous hydraulic rotation. Rotation can be configured in two ways:

  1. Heavy-duty 360° high torque double motor system;
  2. 2x50° slewing twin cylinders system;

It can be equipped with an optional “pedestal” for greater support and safety while operating on steep slopes.

There are 3 models available from 1120 to 1970 kg for carriers from 12 to 30 tons.

Treecutters HTR-Series - Specifications

max bar
A mm
B mm
C mm
Z t.
12 - 16 17 - 22 23 - 30
1120 1460 1970
100 100 180
300 300 300
80 100 150
175 175 175
40 40 40
500 900 1000
950 950 1200
760 790 1000
1500 1600 1900
55 60 85
400 500 550

Treecutters HTR-Series - Downloads

HTR 2023 Brochure DE HTR 2023 Brochure EN

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