Car Dismantler HCD-Series

Car Dismantler HCD-Series

The Hydraram car dismantler is a sophisticated hydraulic excavator attachment specialized in taking apart the key parts and materials of cars, making them easier to reuse or recycle. The jaw is fully rotational and can tear apart components or crush them with precision.

It is a fine combination of clamp function with a wide opening and 360° hydraulic rotation for a precise and secure hold. The rapid flow valve provides a fast cycle time with high production efficiency. This attachment removes valuable alloys from cars. The remaining parts are then ready for the next demolition phase by crusher or shredder. The jaws have a specific design that features interchangeable blades, specifically for shearing the steel plates. The possibility of executing the two distinct phases of demolition with a single attachment provides the economic advantage of using a single operating machine and significantly reducing the operation times for demolition work.

The multiplier speed valve allows to recover and reuse the oil in the return line to reduce the cycle time during the closing of the jaw movement when there is no material resistance present.

The closing power is produced by the thrust of a hydraulic cylinder to allow the demolition of the most resistant materials.

The load-bearing structure and claw jaws are made of anti-wear steel with a high elastic limit. This confers great anti-abrasion characteristics together with exceptional mechanical strength. This attachment is designed for long life and minimal maintenance.

The hinges are made of thermally-treated alloy steel and rotate on hardened and ground bushings with grooves for internal grease lubrication. The dust abatement system it is equipped with extends the life of surfaces in contact with dust.

The system of interchangeable blades allows their rapid replacement directly on the job site, thus avoiding having to apply fill to worn parts, reducing maintenance costs and limiting the effects of machine downtime.

The Hydraram HCD-series features one car dismantler model of 1520KG for carriers from 15-25 tons.

Car Dismantler HCD-Series - Specifications

max bar
16 - 25
180 - 250

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