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Machine highlight: HMR-15V

Today's highlight is the HMR-15V which is the only Multi-recycler size we offer. It weighs 1480 kg, and it is suitable for carriers from 13 to 22 tons. This machine is suitable for processing large quantities of wood, paper, plastic and light scrap. Multi-recycler is the perfect name for it!


Rent or Buy: How we can help you

You know Hydraram as one of the market leaders when it comes to attachments for hydraulic excavators. Did you also know that you can rent these attachments? The rental of hydraulic attachments has increased enormously in recent years. Hydraram has seen equipment sales triple in the past 8 years.

Renting equipment on a project basis may be a better option than buying it, especially if:
- A large number of jobs have to be processed temporarily, but they require more equipment than the contractor can provide.
- Your own equipment may be defective and needs to be repaired first
- Or very special equipment is required, for example when very large equipment is used

Hydraram currently has the largest rental fleet of hydraulic attachments in Europe.

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